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Check below on what we buy in Cash 4 Clothes shops!

We buy: all kind of women, men's & children's clothes - anything that can be re-worn & reused; shoes (paired), bags and belts.

We don't buy: soiled or ripped clothes (damaged, bleached or with cat/dog hair, smelly clothes).
We don't accept: school and work uniforms.

We accept: underwear, bras, swimsuit, socks.

We don't accept dirty items.

We buy: bath towels, kitchen towels, duvet covers, pillow slips, bed sheets, napkins, table cloth, blankets, cushion covers, curtains, net-curtains.

We don't accapt:  pillows, duvets, bathroom rugs, carpets.

We buy: soft and hard toys, puzzles, games, action figures, dolls, teddies, lego.

We accteps: CD's, DVD's, clocks, candles, small household items, plates, cups, small picture etc.

We don't accept: large frames, dirty items.

Bric-a-brac please put in to any box!

We buy: laptops. mobile phones, Plasma or LCD TV (32' or more, with no broken screen) and small electrical goods (toster, electrical clock, CD or DVD player etc).

Small electrical items please put in to any box.

Cash 4 Clothes
    We buy all type of clothes, bags, belts, shoes, brick-a-brack, toys, small electrical items too! All stuff only in good conditions!
    Below Four easy rules for better cooperative:

  1. Prepare your clothes & shoes - please put in any bag your unwanted clothes and to another bag your shoes. Please remember, that we accept only clean and dry stuff (without holes or dirty).
    We buy all ladie's, men's and children's clothes & underwear - anything that can be re-worn and re-used!
  2. Household Textiles - we accept: curtains, towels, duvet covers, pillow slips, bed sheets, napkins, table clothes, blankets, throws, cushion covers.
    We don't buy: duvets & pillows!
  3. Bric-a-Brac / Small Electrical Goods - please packed all goods in any kind of carton/plastic boxes. We don't return the packaging!
  4. Plasma or LCD TV / Laptops / Mobile phones:
    TV Plasma & LCD (only with flat screen): no broken screen and with the power cable.
    Laptops: no broken screen, no damage casing and with the power cable & web-camera on the fron, no older than Win XP system!
    Mobile phones: no broken screen, no damage casing and with the camera.

312 Hythe Road,
TN24 0UA,
Ashford, Kent


Phone: 0800 433 2274